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Scrip Program

Christ Lutheran Church

Gift Cards

Several years ago a South Carolina mother, Carol Rampey discovered a new concept of fund raising for her children's private school. After much success she started United Scrip.

United Scrip is a unique program that focuses on member's purchasing power and turns those normal spending dollars into profit for our Church. A typical family spends thousands of dollars per month on things like food (groceries and restaurants), gas, clothing, home improvements and more. United Scrip's goal is to turn those purchases into profit for Christ Lutheran Church without costing our members one extra dollar. Christ Lutheran Church will purchase gift cards or certificates (scrip) for grocery, restaurant, retail, and other businesses locally and nationally, at a discount. Our church will take advantage of this percentage discount (2-20%) when they purchase these items from United Scrip. Our families and supporters will purchase the cards at face value from our Church, realizing profits from 2% - 20% will be given to the Church.

Envelopes, along with a list of available gift cards, will be available in the Church on Sunday mornings as well as in the church's office during office hours. Several of the more popular stores, gas, etc. have been listed on the envelopes for your convenience, along with blank areas for additional choices. You decide which gift cards would best serve your family, add the amounts and write a check for that amount to Christ Lutheran Church - Scrip. The envelopes will be collected each Sunday in the Narthex as well as those dropped off in the office during the previous week. Orders will be placed each Monday and the cards will be sent to the Church in 2-3 working days. Cards may be picked up at the church's office during the week or in the narthex the following Sunday.

With our economy as it presently is, many of us would like to do more to help our Church financially. United Scrip is a sure fire way to add to the coffers without further strain on our budgets. This is a really exciting program.

Take a look at the list of available gift cards. Restaurants and hotels are really good, so don't gyo on vacation or head back north without a pocket full of Christ Lutheran Church Gift Cards. For full selection of companies through Scrip, follow this link;

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